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Located in Rowley, Massachusetts, RCM is focused on empowering Rowley residents with the ability to share events, ideas, and fundraising efforts through television and other media avenues.

Watch it again ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!

Programs recorded by RCM will be available on demand within a day or two after the original air date. Click on a program in the "Schedule" or "Show Search" pages to watch. If your selection is not available, request it to be uploaded by emailing Janet@TownOfRowley.org

Today’s Events are Tomorrow’s History

Capturing Rowley events and scenery preserves them for the future. Record events held by the town, school, library, etc. for a wide variety of programming to showcase who we are now and to remember where we’ve been.

Don’t have your own camera or editing capability? You can use RCM’s! We will teach how to shoot footage then transform it through the power of editing.

Production can be as simple as covering an event and adding a title and credits. It can also be a complicated project involving many hours to create just one graphic effect. Editing is an exciting tool to learn. You are limited only by your imagination.


Tune in to RCM on weekends for new programming. Shows are usually repeated after six hours and will run throughout the week except when meetings are scheduled.

Live meetings will replay the following day at 9am. Watch for Selectmen’s Meetings on Monday nights.

Bulletin Board

Public service announcements run continuously, free of charge for any non-profit organization, government agency, or civic groups except during programming of meetings or shows.

Please email concise message along with jpg images, if applicable, to Janet@TownOfRowley.org

Tune in to find out about school cancellations, road closures, and other urgent town issues.

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